Maximize Product and Customer’s Value; Supply Best Products and Value-added Service. This is the origin of FUHAN and the spirit of the enterprise.

Founded nearly 20years, we devote to innovate products, market and business mode and opened up a new model design for FUHAN. After reforms, FUHAN has developed into a physical production-oriented group integrating Design, Production, Sales, Weaving, Injection Molding, Printing and Packaging. FUHAN pays attention to the close integration of products and markets; deepens a single product and extends more products; adopts a multi-factory and multi-platform model; refines factories, workshops, production, and services. So far, FUHAN has successfully launched four customized professional products of Clothing Accessories, Labels & Tags, Printing & Packaging, Boutique Gift Boxes, which are widely welcomed by the market and praised by customers.

Professional Services, Customized Production marketing mode, in line with the market situation and procurement trend, are widely accepted and welcomed by the market. Today, FUHAN’s products spread all over the country and the world, with direct and indirect exports of 75%. We’re honored to be UGG, GAP, PINKO, GOBI etc. brands designated suppliers at home and abroad. FUHAN is equipped with industry-leading equipment and constantly updates technical modules. The new market demands and clients needs are the direction of FUHAN's equipment reset or update. It is also an important prerequisite to ensure the long-term professional development of FUHAN enterprises. 

Advanced Product Research and Development Awareness, Concern the Long-Term Needs of Customers Scheme Design and Scheme Optimization are one of the characteristics of FUHAN Enterprise. Relying on professionalism, experience, technology, as well as technology application and technology combination, we effectively solve customer’s problems and forward best solutions. FUHAN takes the functionality, aesthetics and high cost performance of products as the focus of customer needs. Through comparison and selection of materials, color matching, process combination, structural optimization, technical deepening tailor-made methods to achieve beauty and utility.

Be Brave to Take Responsibility, Dare to Innovate; be Optimistic and Positive, and Step Forward Together. FUHAN Enterprise is full of talented people, who are in various positions such as Production, Research and Development, Quality Control, Design and Marketing etc.. They contribute to the company's construction and lay a solid foundation for the company's development. The standardized production process, service and management system is the guarantee for the sustainable development of enterprise, and the core guarantee to make sure delivery time, quality, production and service as well as customer rights and benefits.

The environmental protection of products must be strictly controlled from raw materials, production environment and production links. The selection of raw materials, production environment, workshop environment and production links of the enterprise should comply with the environmental protection requirements, and the relevant domestic and international qualification standards such as ISO, Oeko-Tex, FSC, etc. Meanwhile, raw materials and end products can be tested by SGS, Intertek, TUV, BV etc. and issue professional reports. In order to match large buyers at home and abroad, FUHAN enterprises can appoint factory inspection institutions such as SGS, ITS, BV, STR, TUV to conduct professional factory inspection and qualification audit and issue relevant reports.

Be Conscientious and Work Hard, Insist Develop and Innovate, Build a New Development Pattern. Adhere to the development direction of traditional products compatible with new technology, adhere to the establishment of human resources and the cultivation of talents, adhere to innovation as the driving force, insist on being professional, face the future, work hard, and never slack. FUHAN Enterprise will continue to produce good products, provide excellent service, rooted in the product market and customer needs, opening up a magnificent new world of FUHAN enterprise!