1. If you don't force yourself, you don't know how good you are. 2. Making money is a kind of ability, spending money is a kind of level, ability can be practiced, level can't be practiced easily. 3. One's knowledge can be obtained through learning; one's growth must be tempered. 4. There are many good books in the world and few books that can change fate. 5. There are many friends in the world, but few can be entrusted for a lifetime. 6. If you find a person, a place, a thing, a book, you can change your destiny. Be sure to find a way to have a relationship with him, or he will have nothing to do with you. 7. When a person is not successful, pretend to be successful. (because he has become a part of your character when you pretend) 8. The purpose of our study is to use. It is not that knowledge is useless, but that you are not using it, which means you are not using it. 9. When a person goes out, money is in his pocket. The purpose of money is to spend it wherever it is comfortable. If a person makes others comfortable, he is an operator; if others make you comfortable, he is a consumer. The following kinds of people can't help a successful career. 1. Great help 2. The expert points out 3. Good cooperation 4 Capable support 5. Villain supervision. The most important person of the enterprise is the customer. Capable people are employees. Many people hate villains. In fact, it's your blessing and help to have villains secretly staring at you on the edge, so that you can avoid making big mistakes. Those who achieve great success are basically people who adhere to principles. And sticking to principles will offend people who have no principles, and people who have no principles will retaliate against you and attack you... So you can't be friends with everyone. To have real friends, you need to say no to some people. Good leaders should learn to make good use of three resources: "their own time", "the talents, wisdom and skills of others", "use and release the resources wasted by the public"